All products developed by SIMMETAL are fabricated and produced in Croatia, in company Bajkmont, reputable european manufacturer of steel strucutures for construction and industry.
Production is done in a modern facility totaling more than 5000 m2 of hall area, equipped with overhead cranes for easier manipulation of steel parts up to 20 t of weight. Company has modern CNC operated machines for fabrication and processing of steel plates, steel sections and tubes.

Cutting and drilling

For cutting and drilling of steel material we use several different technologies. Steel plates are flame cut by using a CNC plasma cutting machine with table dimension 2000x6000mm. Apart from flame cutting, for cutting plates we also use hydraulic shears with maximum length capacity of 6000 mm. Steel plates are being punched and drilled on a modern high speed CNC punching-drilling machine. Steel sections and tubes are cut using band saws with capacity of up to 1000 mm in diameter and drilled with modern CNC drilling machine with length capacity of up to 18000mm and height capacity of up to 1100mm.

Bending and cold forming
For steel plates we use hydraulic press brakes which provide, by utilizing large number of different tools, bending of  plates up to 6000 mm in length with different thicknesses, depending on material properties.
For circular bending we use a bender with rollers for steel plates up to 2000 mm long and 20 mm thick. Steel sections and tubes are bent with a special rolling bender which has the possibility of bending various sections such as IPE 450.

We are dedicated to highest quality welding. Welding work is carried out and controlled in accordance with requirements of the HRN EN ISO 3834-2 standard. We are certified according to German standard DIN 18800-7 for welding, production and anticorrosive protection of steel structures. Our welders are qualified according to EN 287-1. We carry out welding procedure by certified procedure REL (111), MIG/MAG (135/136), TIG (141), welding of weld studs (783). In addition to manual welding procedures we also use automatic linear welding of parts up to 12000 mm in length. The quality of welded joints is checked by non-destructive testing (NDT) methods: visually, by means of penetrates, and by radiographic and ultrasonic testing in accordance with relevant European norms.

Corrosion protection
All the assemblies are being shot-blasted, which is done automatically on the automated line for shot-blasting with the possibility of shot-blasting parts up to 2000 (width) ×1000 (height) ×12000 (length) mm.  By using such an automated machine surface preparation with level- Sa 2,5 according to ISO 8501-1 is easily achieved.
Final protection is carried out by painting which is done in specialized hall with controlled atmospheric conditions by means of high-pressure airless pumps.
Per project request hot-dip galvanizing is also available.